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Data Analytics
Data Analytics is a 2-day course offering 16 CPE Credits.

Government agencies collected more data sets in just the last five years than the entirety of data since the founding of the nation! With all that data, how can government agencies put it all to use – to improve outcomes, reduce risk, and enhance efficiency? Data analytics involves the strategic collection, use, and analysis of government data sets to improve mission attainment. 

What will I learn?

The Data Analytics modules will help learners to ensure the integrity of the data, turn data into actionable information, and further use analytics to answer specific questions in a visual or other easy to use format. 

Collect Better Data
Design performance measurement systems to ensure the collection of quality data that is easier to report.
Make It Useful
Employ various data visualization and communication techniques to make performance data useful to managers and employees.
Use Data Analytics 
Implement cutting-edge methodologies for analyzing your performance data to figure out how to make improvements.

Paul Trampert
Senior Fellow