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Performance-Based Budgeting

Performance-Based Budgeting is a 2-day course offering 16 CPE credits.

Performance-Based Budgeting is the third module in our Government Performance Management Professional Week (GPMP) which is comprised of: Data Analytics + Benchmarking + Performance-Based Budgeting

Using performance-informed budgeting and resource management to make more effective recommendations!
UNDERSTAND performance budgeting concepts and organizational challenges in the shift towards performance-based budgeting.
EXAMINE the long-term impact of transitioning to a performance-based approach.
USE COST ACCOUNTING to identify the cost of providing government services while identifying opportunities for cost savings.
APPLY these concepts to the foundational steps of building a performance-based budget.

What will I learn?

  • Describe the foundations of planning & budgeting in government
  • Describe how the strategic plan drives performance-based budget formulation
  • Learn the “10 Steps” to building a performance-based budget
  • Identify actions that can be taken when capacity and requirements are out of balance
  • Identify current budget issues that can and cannot be overcome by a performance-based budget