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Strategic Planning (12-04-2023)

4 déc. 2023 - 5 déc. 2023
Strategic Planning is a 2-day course offering 16 CPE credits. 

Strategic Planning is the 1st module in our Government Performance Management Associate Week (GPMA).

Government Performance Management Associate week is comprised of Strategic Planning + Logic Models + Developing Performance Measures

Registrants will learn how to effectively plan at a strategic versus tactical level and will understand how to connect outcomes to organizational policies, structure, and operations. 

CREATE clearly-defined mission and vision statements, organizational values, environmental analysis framework, and end outcome goals and with strategies to meet organizational objectives

ALIGN your program mission and performance measures for greater results and the ability to prioritize and resource effectively.

IDENTIFY the strategic elements and key lessons learned for building results-oriented programs

LEARN from The Performance Institute’s more than twenty years of Federal, International, State, and Local government experience at all levels

Module 1: Connecting Strategic Planning and Organizational Results​
Module 2: Mapping Forward from Today’s Environment​
Module 3: Strategic Values​
Module 4: Understanding Mission and Vision​
Module 5: Stakeholder Engagement​
Module 6: Strategic Assessment and Landscape Analysis​
Module 7: Understanding Strategy​
Module 8: Connecting People, Programs, and Activities​


Date lun., déc. 4 8:30 AM UTC−5 (America/New_York)
Date de fin mar., déc. 5 5:00 PM UTC−5 (America/New_York)
Date de début d'inscription mer., oct. 12 12:00 AM UTC−4 (America/New_York)
Fuseau horaire de l'événement EST
Capacité 50
Spots Available 49
Date De Coupure mar., déc. 5 12:00 AM UTC−5 (America/New_York)
Prix individuel $1595.00
$1595.00 49