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Advanced Performance Management
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Advanced Performance Management is a 3-day course offering 24 CPE credits.

APM is designed for individuals who will lead or play a key execution role in performance improvement initiatives in their organization. This course is not for beginners. It involves a vetting process to ensure you are ready to participate in this level of coursework.

Government Performance Leader Career Path:
Obtain the skills and a pathway to taking a leadership role on performance improvement initiatives in government

Align Programs to Results:
Proven approaches for aligning programs and management initiatives to an integrated performance management system for your government organization

Taming Data and Metrics:
Tools and methodologies for managing the deluge of performance information to find the most meaningful measures and data sets

Overcome Internal Resistance:
Techniques for gaining leadership buy-in for performance improvement initiatives – and building a performance team of program managers and line employees sets

 Agile Performance Management:
Refine and adjust your performance measures and initiatives to fit changing environments in government

What will I learn?

You will emerge from this interactive workshop with the skills you need to lead successful performance improvement initiatives, including the following competencies:

  • Secure buy-in from elected officials, political appointees, senior managers, and line managers for using performance management in government
  • Overcome resistance to performance measurement transparency and reporting requirements
  • Integrate performance management initiatives into other management improvement efforts already underway in your agency
  • Lead cultural change within government to achieve improved results
  • Utilize performance measures with state-of-the-practice techniques of evidence-based analysis, data analytics, performance reporting, benchmarking, etc.
  • Devise and lead performance improvement teams – working across program silos to get better results