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Continuous Process Improvement / Planning & Budget Track

Continuous Process Improvement

Marc Bellas 1        Matthew Nii Headshot
Proactive Voice of the Customer Model 
Speaker: Marc Bellas, Ph. D, MBA

Pasco County Government


Sustaining a Quality Improvement Program
at a Health Department

Speaker: Matthew Nii
Strategic Planning and Quality Improvemenet Coordinator
Dr. Marc Bellas brings a wealth of experience and expertise from more than 25 years in leadership positions inside high performing organizations in both public and private sectors. He is currently serving as Director of Organizational Performance Management for Pasco County Government where his innovative initiatives have earned seven national awards. In addition to holding an MBA and a Ph.D.,

Dr. Bellas has experience serving in key positions such as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Human Capital Officer, Senior Vice President, and International Training Director in the private sector. His reputation as a 
“Change Agent”, driven to excellence, has made him a particularly good choice for bringing new ideas and proven best-practices to organizations. 
  Matthew Nii is the Strategic Planning and Quality Improvement Coordinator at Jefferson County Public Health, on the western-side of the Denver metro-area. In this role, he coordinates the department’s quality improvement activities, oversees the department’s strategic planning process, and provides change management consulting.

Matthew is energetic about building and sustaining high-performing organizations and got his start in local government through an internship with Arapahoe County, Colorado in the Office of Performance Management.

In multiple positions with Arapahoe County, he facilitated the collaborative development, implementation, and management of an integrated strategy and performance system for the County government, known as Align Arapahoe.

Matthew received his Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, in Communications and Economics from Graceland University and his Master of Arts in Economics from Claremont Graduate University. He is an IASSC Certfied Black BeltTM, an ASQ Certified Quality Improvement Associate, and a Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner.

Planning & Budget

 Rick Beck    Paul Trampert

Three-tiered Approach to Agency-level
Budget Decision Making

Speaker: Rich Beck
Government Planning and Performance, Budgeting, Organizational Engagement
Performance-Based Budgeting

Speaker: Paul Trampert
Director, Budget, Cost and Performance Integration

Strategic planning and performance measurement can be used to engage the organization's workforce in helping achieve the executive's vision. I have helped organizations use active management, engagement, and strategically developed information to facilitate decision-making and better achieve results. Such approaches can help increase employee motivation and ownership in the organization's mission.

Specialties: Program/Policy Analysis, Performance Management, Budget Formulation, Organizational Dynamics 

Paul Trampert, PI’s Director for Budget, Cost and Performance Integration, has over 40 years’ leadership and management experience, including executive-level advisory in both the United States and 23 countries throughout the world. He has extensive experience, including as a Department of the Army Inspector General, designing, implementing, evaluating and integrating budget, cost and performance management systems to improve governance and he has conducted program analysis on behalf of the House Committee on Appropriations. Paul’s vision for consulting is to bring real-world application of innovative thought tempered by experience, and to build capacity to continue innovation in each organization he serves. 
David M Walker LK

Saving America's Future

Speaker: Hon. David M. Walker
Distinguished Visiting Professor (Crowe Chair) - USNA
Former U.S. Comptroller General   

Dave is a nationally and internationally recognized fiscal responsibility, government transformation/accountability expert, human capital, and retirement security expert. He has over 40 years of executive level experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors, including heading three federal agencies, two non-profits, and leading a global service line for Arthur Andersen LLP. His most recent full-time federal position was as the seventh Comptroller General of the United States and CEO of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) for almost 10 years. This was one of his three Presidential appointments by Presidents from both political parties, with unanimous Senate confirmation each time. 

Dave currently serves as the Distinguished Visiting Professor and Crowe Chair at the U.S. Naval Academy where he teaches the Economics of National Security. He has extensive non-profit Board and Advisory Committee experience, including with such organizations as AARP, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, the Fiscal Reform Coalition, Truth in Accounting, the Government Transformation Initiative, the Defense Business Board, the International Organization for Suprême Audit Institutions, and the United Nations. 

Dave is also a periodic writer, speaker and media commentator. He has authored four books, the latest is entitled “America in 2040: Still a Superpower (A Pathway to Success)“ published by AuthorHouse in October of 2020. He most recent previous book was entitled “Comeback America: Turning the Country Around and Restoring Fiscal Responsibility“ (2010), which achieved National Bestseller status. He has appeared in several major programs and documentaries, including being the primary subject in a 60 Minutes segment and the critically acclaimed documentary I.O.U.S.A. 

Dave was a practicing CPA for many years. He has been admitted into two International Halls of Fame and has been awarded a number of international and domestic leadership and public service awards, including from two heads of state and two U.S. Cabinet Secretaries. 
Leadership Panel
Paul Trampert Steve Olkewicz Heather Bray 1 Thomas Dobrydney
Panel: Paul Trampert, Steve Olkewicz, Tom Dobrydney, Heather Bray
Performance Institute Fellows