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Leading Policy and Organizational Change In Government (On-Demand)
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Utilize Policy to Drive Organizational Change

The increasing pace and volume of change find organizations struggling to respond effectively. Learn to alleviate this problem by designing strategic policy as an effective driver of organizational change

Innovation in Policy Development

Innovate the policy development process through continuous strategic policy assessment and evidence-based policy formulation for breakthrough results

Concentrated Stakeholder Buy-in

Garner support from important stakeholder groups based on their interest in, and power to shape, organization strategic policy and keep them informed of activities involving Congress

Internal/External Resistance Mitigation

Examine how three kinds of organizational change can generate various points of resistance across the organization (as well as externally) and learn to mitigate and/or alleviate them

Communication and Change Management

Manage change effectively by assessing readiness for change, factoring readiness into the implementation plan, monitoring compliance, and mitigating points of resistance