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Speak Like a Leader Bootcamp

"Speak Like a Leader” for Professional Effectiveness - Amplify your Leadership by Harnessing the Neurobiology of Effective Leadership, Communication & Influence

Have you ever seen someone on a leadership path who had brilliant ideas, great insights, tremendous knowledge and understanding but who could not communicate them effectively to others? How did it go for them? What if their communication and leadership abilities had been a match for their great ideas? 

John Bates’ WHY is to bring out what is awesome inside every person so it can live in the world and make a real difference! 

Top leaders from all over the world at organizations including Johnson & Johnson, AirLiquide, NASA - including the active Astronauts, Boston Scientific, Navy Special Operations, Accenture and from more than 35 TED & TEDx events call John Bates the top Leadership Communication coach and trainer working today. John is a Leadership Communication expert, #1 best selling author & Executive Whisperer whose large and small group training, keynote speeches and 1:1 executive coaching is world renown. 

In this fast paced, fun and informative course you will learn that "Communicating with Human Beings is not logical... It's Biological!" The practical benefits of the principles you will receive are the reason that leaders bring John back, over and over, to the organizations he serves. You can have a powerful vision, you can implement brilliant strategies, and bring them to your people, but if you don't understand the underlying principles of the neurobiology of effective influence your implementation will never, ever be as good as it could be. 

As a committed Professional in your day-to-day running of your organization or team you have a vision. How well you communicate that vision; your emotional intelligence and influence ability, are the number one predictor of your success. Period. 

You will leave this fast paced, fun, authentic and inspiring course with a new understanding of the fundamentals of the neurobiology of effectively communicating with those you manage, your peers and even how to effectively manage upward in your organization for the outcomes that you most want to achieve. 

As an added bonus you will learn the 3 ways to Inspire "Any Audience, Anywhere, Anytime" and how to turn any complainer into a committed change agent at your organization. 

Sound too good to be true? Ask the many professionals who have engaged John Bates; the NASA astronauts, the C - level executives and the many, many women and men who have joined John and experienced his eye-opening approach, the practical, immediately usable, and very memorable principles he shares that have irrevocably transformed their lives. They say, emphatically, “John is the best presenter I have ever seen and his teachings have changed my life.”

Topics covered include: 

  • the neurobiology of influence 
  • the paleomammalian brain vs. the neocortex 
  • mirror neurons and the surprising impact they have on everything you say and how it is received 
  • the power of story and why it is your most powerful ally in the world of influence - even with the most logical of audiences 
  • how to bring out the absolute best in those below you, beside you and above you - proven by science and tremendously effective 
  • the most important thing you could ever do to be an effective presenter, speaker leader and influencer and its basis in the science of non-verbal communication - this the only thing you really need to radically amplify your executive presence and turbocharge your results 
  • the 3 ways to inspire any audience, anywhere, anytime - imagine if you could do that reliably all of the time, how to turn a complainer into a committed change agent in your organization by effectively listening in a way that is alien to most people

These principles are immediately actionable, inherently memorable and are easily applied to your unique style of speaking, managing and leading. 

If being influential is important to you and your goals, this course will be one of the best you ever attend. If you bring your notebook, beginner's mind and your most important goals and objectives, you will leave inspired and ready to take action.