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Evaluating Employee Performance (01-25-2023)

25 janv. 2023

Evaluating Employee Performance is a 1-day course offering 8 CPE credits. 

Evaluating Employee Performance is the 3rd module in our Operational Change Management Week (OCM).

This course is designed to help managers and supervisors enhance employee performance by providing effective formal and informal feedback.  Employees want to perform well in their jobs, but they can benefit from greater clarity about performance expectations, evaluation, and reward. Boosting an employee’s performance mindset is one of multiple aspects of building a workforce that is adaptive to strategic and operational change. 

Participants will learn how to: 

  • Understand how an effective evaluation and feedback process enhances an employee’s capacity to perform 
  • Set clear, specific performance expectations that are mutually understood by both manager and employee 
  • Assess employee performance continually and deliver timely, helpful feedback 
  • Generate periodic performance appraisals to document performance results and enhance future performance 
  • Address employee performance problems, develop improvement plans, and monitor progress, and remove poor performers (if necessary) 
  • Utilize several strategy suggestions to help improve employee performance evaluation results 
Module 1: Introduction and Overview
Module 2: Why Do We Evaluate Employee Performance?
Module 3: Setting Performance Expectations
Module 4: Assessing Employee Performance
Module 5: Delivering Performance Feedback
Module 6: Addressing Performance Issues
Module 7: Case Study- Removing a Poor Performer
Module 8: Rewarding Employee Performance
Module 9: Strategies for Evaluating Employee Performance 


Date 01-25-2023 8:30 am EDT
Date de fin 01-25-2023 5:00 pm EDT
Date de début d'inscription 07-18-2021 EDT
Fuseau horaire de l'événement EDT
Capacité 50
Spots Available 50
Date De Coupure 01-25-2023 EDT
Prix individuel $1095.00
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