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Enterprise Risk Management Conference 2022

Wed Apr 27, 2022

Enterprise Risk Management is the one-stop event covering the latest frameworks, data-driven approaches, and solutions to assessing and reducing risks in government programs. Enterprise Risk Management is not new – but there are new emerging risks and solutions for dealing with them particularly in a government setting.

Learn how to reduce your compliance burden! With limited resources, government agencies are focused on administering internal control programs that are efficient and effective, avoiding duplication, minimizing the burden on staff, and reducing the compliance burden on the agency. ERM covers the latest requirements along with helpful practices for avoiding duplication of compliance efforts in internal controls, risk management, fraud and cyber assessments, and more.

Measuring and Assessing Your Risk Profile

Utilize the latest frameworks, data analytics and assessment tools to identify risk profiles for each of your government programs

Mitigating Risks and Improving Internal Controls

Identify solutions to reduce and mitigate your risks – through improved internal controls and program management changes

Risk Management Leadership and Culture Change

Foster a culture of risk-informed decision-making and gain buy-in from all levels of the organization

Put Risk in Context

Understand the context behind the risk inherent in program delivery – and learn how to communicate the reality of those risks


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