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Fire/EMS Analytics Conference 2022

Wed May 25, 2022

Fire, EMS and 911 Dispatch functions across the nation are unlocking the amazing potential of “big data” with spectacular results. This conference is all about tackling the latest methodologies, best practices and technologies for using data analytics to enhance safety, respond to emergencies, manage risk, and improve internal operations of Fire, EMS, and 911 functions.

By attending, you will emerge with practical and proven solutions for a number of key challenges facing Fire, EMS, and 911 Dispatch functions.

What will I learn?

Data Analytics for Fire Departments
Best practices for collecting, analyzing and using data for modern-day fire prevention and suppression – integrating and synthesizing all your data from sources such as building inspections, risk maps, and new monitoring technologies

Predictive Modeling
Use predictive analytics to forecast where Fire and EMS services will be most needed – and when your 911 Dispatch call load will spike

Data Sharing with Outside Sources
Identify data sets from other law enforcement, public health, fire, EMS and governmental agencies that could be harnessed to improve insight on trends in your community.

Risk Management
Utilize data analysis to create an early-warning system for problems on a wide range of HR issues

Privacy Protection and Data Security 
Stay up-to-date on the latest case law and compliance mandates for protecting privacy and securing access to data

Performance Analysis and Reporting
Prepare and analyze critical data relating to a wide variety of operational matters

Field Deployment of Data
Utilize mobile computing and distributed analysis to equip front-line Fire and EMS first responders with insight to do their jobs better and safer


Date 05-25-2022 9:00 am EDT
End Date 05-25-2022 5:00 pm EDT
Registration Start Date 11-06-2020
Event Time Zone America/New_York
Capacity 250
Spots Available 250
Cut off date 05-25-2022
Individual Price $1095.00
$1095.00 250