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Benchmarking (12-02-2022) Registration Closed

2 Dec 2022
Benchmarking is a course offering 8 CPE credits.

Benchmarking is the 3rd module in our Government Performance Management Week & Data Analytics Week.

Government Performance Management Week is comprised of: Strategic Planning + Performance Measure + Benchmarking.

Selecting the Right Benchmarks: 
Identify the right benchmarks to use in measurement-resistant government settings

Benchmark Analysis:
Pinpoint specific areas where performance can be improved – what is really driving performance?

Reporting and Comparing: 
Identify how you compare with key benchmarks – and report progress

What will I learn? 
  • Recognize benchmarking as a tool with help improve performance in organization​
  • Determine the appropriate type of benchmarking for your organization​
  • Understand the steps involved with a benchmarking effort​
  • Have insight into the types of data collection analysis required​
  • The importance of having a clear desired outcome for your benchmarking effort
Module 1: Introduction to Benchmarking and Best Practices
Module 2: Strategy
Module 3: Planning 
Module 4: Data Collection and Reporting
Module 5: Analysis
Module 6: Implementation


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Registration is closed for this event.
Registration is closed for this event.
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