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Facilitating Employee Engagement (10-23-2023) Registration Closed

23 Oct 2023

Facilitating Employee Engagement is a 1-day course offering 8 CPE credits. 

Facilitating Employee Engagement is the 1st module in our Operational Change Management Week (OCM).

This course is designed to help managers and supervisors at all levels understand how to establish an environment that positively impacts an employees’ ability to engage with their work.  Employee engagement is one of multiple aspects of building a workforce that is adaptive to strategic and operational change. 

Participants will learn how to: 

  • Enhance employee ability to engage and perform at a high level 
  • Amplify individual employee’s sources of motivation to drive engagement with their work 
  • Leverage an employee’s sense of purpose (personal, role, and organizational) to increase commitment 
  • Establish a workplace environment with the conditions employees need for full engagement  
  • Utilize several strategy suggestions to promote and enhance employee engagement 

Module 1: Introduction and Overview

Module 2: Understanding Employee Engagement
Module 3: Understanding Employee Motivation Factors
Module 4: Enabling Employee Sense of Purpose
Module 5: Establishing Conditions for Engagement
Module 6: Strategies for Facilitating Employee Engagement


Date Mon, Oct 23 8:30 am GMT-4 (America/New_York)
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Event Time Zone EST
Capacity 50
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Cut Off Date Mon, Oct 23 12:00 am GMT-4 (America/New_York)
Individual Price $1095
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